Why people think salt is bad?

Friday, 27 September 2013 by

Most of us have heard that a diet with reduced salt intake is healthy and there is no difference between cooking salt and sea salt. Nothing could be further from the truth! Why were we so focused on reducing salt in the previous years? Studies carried out in the late 70s implicated salt as guilty

4 Levels of Medical Approach

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 by

Discoveries and evidence in contemporary medical discipline are continuous and rapid. The abundance of ways of thinking and dealing with the same health problem by different scientists and schools confuses patients and often even practitioners. Which doctor to visit and which treatment to follow? Conventional medicine, alternative medicine, homeopathy, natural medicine, functional medicine, are some

What everybody should know in relation to type 2 diabetes is that it can be fully prevented and is almost always curable only by changes in diet and lifestyle. Diabetes is a problem relating to the hormone regulating sugar levels in our blood, insulin. Insulin is indispensable for life 

What is also true, though, is

Diabetes mellitus currently affects 1 out of 11 European. Approximately 75 million people suffer from this condition in Europe, whereas one out of four adults is in a pre-diabetic stage. Diabetes is the most common metabolic disease, having expanded so broadly fairly recently. The increase of the effect of certain forms of diabetes exceeds 700%

New hope in the fight against autism Autism is a health problem that seems to grow tremendously during the last 20 years. In the developed countries, one child in every hundred births develops a certain disorder within the autism range. If one considers that the corresponding ratio during the 70s was 1 every 10,000 children,

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