Vitamin C and Immune System

Wednesday, 27 May 2020 by

As we have already seen in another article, vitamin C has different roles in our body: here we will focus on the ones dealing with immune system.   Skin The first barrier against microorganisms is skin: it is important to keep it intact in order to avoid the entrance of pathogens. Vitamin C helps to

Vitamin C: a general view

Wednesday, 13 May 2020 by

Many things have been told about vitamin C: in this article we are going to talk about some general information about this molecule and to explain some of its roles.   “Eat oranges in order to gain vitamin C” Although this fruit contains a lot of vitamin C (59.2 mg/100 g), the amount of this

Coronavirus is surely impacting our lives, and we will have to deal with situation for a supposed long period so it’s better to start knowing how to effectively behave. We’ve already talked about how to prevent coronavirus with nutrition, now we’re going to talk about how to use the personal protective equipment. It’s important to

In this period all people are talking about Coronavirus, but it would be better to talk about Covid-19. This latter in fact belongs to the family of Coronaviruses, which includes also other viruses that account for up to 30% of upper respiratory tract infections in adults. Coronaviruses are classified together on the basis of the

In this period there is a lot of confusion around the topic of coronavirus: the aim of this article is to explain what this virus is and what we can do to defense ourselves. What’s Coronavirus? Coronaviruses are a family of viruses so called because under the microscope they have a crown-like aspect. Coronaviruses generally

As we know, the main topic of this early 2020 is COVID-19. We’ve already heard every kind of information about it: how it spreads, how to avoid its diffusion, what are its effects and so on. This article is different: we are going to tell you how to help your body from a nutritional point


Wednesday, 18 September 2019 by

The disciplines which study molecules with similar qualities are called “omic sciences”: the suffix -omics derives from the mix of words “oma” (name of mass or groups) and “ics” (fields of knowledge or practice). Within these disciplines we can find genomics, science which studies everything about genes; transcriptomics, the study of mRNA molecules in a

Childhood asthma: a promising approach

Wednesday, 24 October 2018 by

Since it was created, Einum (European Institute of Nutritional Medicine) deals with research and information in the field of nutritional medicine and, recently, more and more is going toward precision medicine, an initiative promoted by the former president of the United States Obama: ( The mission of precision medicine is to “To enable a new

This October in Tokyo was held the 2018 Joint Congress on Rural Medicine, a very important event where medical leaders were called to talked about an important topic: World Aging Population. E.I.Nu.M.’s President Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas was called and he presented a speech on Chronic diseases and impact of modifiable-metabolic risk factors. This is the

Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas will be a speaker at the International Conference on Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology next August (23-25) 2018 in Chicago (USA) The Speech of Dr. Tsoukalas, President of the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine – E.I.Nu.M., will focus on Metabolomics: a novel tool of precision medicine.     Abstact: “Dramatic changes of the

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