In this period all people are talking about Coronavirus, but it would be better to talk about Covid-19. This latter in fact belongs to the family of Coronaviruses, which includes also other viruses that account for up to 30% of upper respiratory tract infections in adults. Coronaviruses are classified together on the basis of the

As we know, the main topic of this early 2020 is COVID-19. We’ve already heard every kind of information about it: how it spreads, how to avoid its diffusion, what are its effects and so on. This article is different: we are going to tell you how to help your body from a nutritional point


Wednesday, 18 September 2019 by

The disciplines which study molecules with similar qualities are called “omic sciences”: the suffix -omics derives from the mix of words “oma” (name of mass or groups) and “ics” (fields of knowledge or practice). Within these disciplines we can find genomics, science which studies everything about genes; transcriptomics, the study of mRNA molecules in a

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